My Zero Waste Travel Backpack

It's Tuesday somewhere in the world right? Apologies for the delay on this one, there have been some internet connection issues on our trip. I haven't been able to get my camera photos loaded for some of these, so I've found some substitute images. Sorry guys! I headed off to Rome this week with my Fiancé... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to stop buying fast fashion

Did you know that Australians buy an average of 27kgs of new clothes each year only to get rid of 23kgs in the same year.* That is an insane amount of clothes that we are wearing once or twice, and then disposing of. And this amount is all going to landfill, so it isn't even being... Continue Reading →

Op Shopping Trip Success!

This past weekend, we finally made a much-needed trip to the op shop. I finally had to break down and go shopping, as my work shoes broke (they were old and worn, could not be repaired). And I thought it was time to share with you our "how to" when it comes to shopping (shopping... Continue Reading →

People wont always understand

This past weekend, I was out picking up my sisters birthday present. I had asked her what she wanted, and she had said that she wanted to try a menstrual cup, after hearing me talk about how good mine was, but that it wasn’t something she could afford to outlay the money on for herself... Continue Reading →

Trash Walk

Picture it. Its Saturday afternoon, it's sunny, it's a beautiful day, and my partner and I decided to take the dog for a walk. We put Kenny (our dog) on his lead and set off. We only get 200 meters down the road when I have to turn back to get some garbage bags. In... Continue Reading →

How saying “NO” is Zero Waste

REFUSE!! it is one of the 5 R's of Zero Waste and Low Impact, along with: Reduce Reuse Recycle Rot (Although some add Rent or Borrow, which I will do a whole other blog about!) But let's get back to refuse. This one has been the hardest one to learn for me, because of its... Continue Reading →

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