Digital Minimalism

When you stick a box in the corner of the room, full of stuff, eventually your brain will stop seeing it as clutter. It will fit into the normal structure of the room and unless you are looking for it, you pretty much won't see it. It isn't until you clean out the room, that... Continue Reading →

Minimalism is the dream

We have all seen it, that perfect life where all you have to worry about is 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, a pair of socks and a laptop, and we all take a moment to think, oh wouldn't it be nice, everything would be clean, organised and my life would be oh so much... Continue Reading →

Minimalism Challenge

This month, my partner and I are taking on the Minimalism Game - and we would like you to play along with us. This is a game that was created by The Minimalists, Ryan and Josh, and its super simple to play, either by yourself, with a partner - or you can play along with... Continue Reading →

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