3 Books I’ve read this month

I think reading is one of the most important ways to grow as a person. Whether it is reading about our impacts on the environment, about Zero Waste or minimalism, or simply reading about a person's life or lifestyle that is different from your own - reading can be a way to experience something you... Continue Reading →

101 Ways to go Zero Waste – A Review

I recently read Kathryn Kellogs book, 101 Ways to go Zero Waste. I would personally like to congratulate Kathryn on this massive achievement. Writing a book is a mammoth task, and this one was eloquent, well researched and an amazing representation of the Zero Waste movement. That said, It is important to note that this book... Continue Reading →

Digital Minimalism

When you stick a box in the corner of the room, full of stuff, eventually your brain will stop seeing it as clutter. It will fit into the normal structure of the room and unless you are looking for it, you pretty much won't see it. It isn't until you clean out the room, that... Continue Reading →

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