3 Books I’ve read this month

I think reading is one of the most important ways to grow as a person. Whether it is reading about our impacts on the environment, about Zero Waste or minimalism, or simply reading about a person's life or lifestyle that is different from your own - reading can be a way to experience something you... Continue Reading →

101 Ways to go Zero Waste – A Review

I recently read Kathryn Kellogs book, 101 Ways to go Zero Waste. I would personally like to congratulate Kathryn on this massive achievement. Writing a book is a mammoth task, and this one was eloquent, well researched and an amazing representation of the Zero Waste movement. That said, It is important to note that this book... Continue Reading →

Why not teabags?

A lot of people in my life ask me why I no longer use teabags. While many understand that I no longer purchase them, as they often come in plastic, I also refuse them if they are offered to me in the office, and I won't order them in a restaurant. Did you know that... Continue Reading →

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