A new month – a time to refocus

Each month, I try to set myself a challenge. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen me take on the Minimalism Game challenge, the no spend challenge and several other Zero Waste challenges. I have recently been reflecting on what I get out of setting myself these challenges – and the truth... Continue Reading →

Last Minute Lunch

Ever find yourself without your bags, your Zero Waste containers, and your cutlery? Basically, you find yourself with nothing but your wallet and a hankering for lunch? Here are 3 options I've found to get around lunch on the go without waste. Dine in No, but really, its good to get out of the office... Continue Reading →

Lifting up those doing amazing things!

I had a blog scheduled for last Friday, focusing on those who have nothing positive to say about our movement, our cause, and environmental issues in general, but, something came up, and I wanted to post something more positive. On Thursday night, I had the privilege of going to a Q and A screening of... Continue Reading →

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