Gift Alternatives this Easter

You have probably heard me say this before, but gift-giving holidays make me pretty stressed out. The idea that it is easter, so I must purchase the people I love bunny shaped chocolate eggs - well, I just don't like it. The truth is, if I had my way, I would purchase my loved ones... Continue Reading →

5 Things to swap out when baking

I am quite fond of baking, and although I am better at cooking (In truth, Mason is a better baker than me) I love getting in the kitchen and whipping up some cookies or some cupcakes. After going Zero Waste, I had to make some changes with the way I did things in the kitchen.... Continue Reading →

Minimising the Waste on Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers reading this blog. I wanted to share a story about my mothers day, and one of the Zero Waste challenges that I faced while hosting this year's celebrations with my family. I had already gotten my mother a gift (check out "5 Zero Waste/Low Impact Mothers Day Gifts" to... Continue Reading →

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