3 Things I hate about my Zero Waste Life

I watched this amazing video last week from Samantha White (aka Living Waste Free on Youtube) about what she hated about her Zero Waste life. While this title sounds like amazing click bait, this is a real look into a Zero Waste life that doesn't hide the reality - thank you, Samantha! I was inspired,... Continue Reading →

We have bees!

I remember last year, I was thinking that I hadn't seen a bee in a long time. After doing some research, I realized that bee populations are actually falling and ever since I have been wondering what I could do to help. Well, this past week, we have noticed that the flowers on our plants... Continue Reading →

My Merchandise Free Life

One of the biggest changes that I made when I went Zero Waste was to give up my merchandise habit. And by habit - I mean it - I was addicted to displaying the books, movies, and musicians that I loved on my clothes, my books, and around my home. Sometimes I would purchase up... Continue Reading →

5 things I decluttered this week

If you have been following my journey thus far, you know that over the Queensland summer, I decluttered my whole house. We got rid of in excess of 3 carloads worth of items by donating them or giving them to friends, family, or the community. At this point, I thought I was done, at least... Continue Reading →

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