My favorite of the 5 R’s

I was reflecting this week on how much Zero Waste living has changed my life. Prior to taking this journey, I was not a shop-o-holic or a big spender, but what I was obsessed with was holding on to everything that I had - just in case one day I needed it. I did not... Continue Reading →

Sneaky Plastics

I am all fired up today - all fired up about sneaky plastics. You know the ones, you go to the grocery shop, with the best intentions, you've been to the farmers market and the bulk store, but there are a few things that you need from the conventional grocery store. You walk in with... Continue Reading →

3 Things I hate about my Zero Waste Life

I watched this amazing video last week from Samantha White (aka Living Waste Free on Youtube) about what she hated about her Zero Waste life. While this title sounds like amazing click bait, this is a real look into a Zero Waste life that doesn't hide the reality - thank you, Samantha! I was inspired,... Continue Reading →

We have bees!

I remember last year, I was thinking that I hadn't seen a bee in a long time. After doing some research, I realized that bee populations are actually falling and ever since I have been wondering what I could do to help. Well, this past week, we have noticed that the flowers on our plants... Continue Reading →

5 things I no longer buy

I looked around my Zero Waste life this week, and noticed a bunch of things I no longer buy - so I thought I would share them with you! New clothes - I get all of my clothes second hand from thrift stores, op-shops, facebook market place, friends and family, or markets. I choose not... Continue Reading →

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