Eco goals for 2022

Since early 2021, I haven’t felt like there was a lot to write about in the eco space. There was enough content out there about how to reduce your physical waste – even my previous content covered that.

But after some time off and some reflection on the world we live in right now, I realized that there was so much more that I am doing – that you can do – to have a smaller impact on the planet while still living your best life. Physical waste is only one small part of what we can do for the environment, and every other aspect matters just as much – sometimes more!

So that is the focus for 2022. Yes, we will still talk about reducing waste, but we will also focus on other areas of your environmental footprint – such as where you store and invest your money, and the companies that you purchase from.

So join us in 2022 as I reinvent the way I support the planet.

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