Where have I been?

No, I haven’t forgotten about this blog, or about you.

Unfortunately, I had been feeling a little bit uninspired lately, not by eco friendly living – I don’t think I could ever be uninspired by that – but by what to say about it.

There are only so many voices out there that can talk about reusable bags and coffee cups, and with some amazing voices already out there, I have been struggling to find my place in it.

But I am back!

Because I realized that everyone has something unique to share, even me, and I am here to continue to do that in the best way I know how. Going forward, you will hear from me here, at least once a week with more official articles on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and a casual chat some Fridays. 🙂

Check back in next Tuesday for an article on Eco-Friendly labels.

Thanks so much for your patience everyone!

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