The one thing you should ignore when listening to ALL Zero Waste Influencers

There are so many amazing Eco-influencers that I actively follow. They are a wealth of knowledge and I, like many others, look to them for advice on not only the society that we live in, but for how to make step by step changes in our lives.

However, there is one area that we should be careful when taking their advice, not because they are wrong, but because their advice might be wrong for you. This is advice when it comes to eco-friendly product options, whether they are discussing new or second hand products.

This is not to discredit the influencers in any way, in fact, I believe most of them would agree with me. Many of them often mention that the products are local to them, or at least they are from the same country, which is following one of the most basic principles of an eco-friendly life.

But if we as an audience simply purchase the products they recommend, and they have to be shipped half way across the world, then are we really listening to them at all, or are we simply following the consumeristic culture we are trying to get away from? One cannot hide behind an friendly life whilst still feeding our learned consumeristic tendencies.

While sometimes, the shipping is negated by the sheer wastefulness of the products locally available to us, we will only know this through research and careful consideration of the options.

So hear what the eco-influences are saying, and then do your research on what is right for you!

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