Reusable Plastics – When it’s time to say goodbye

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No but really, Tupperware, and any other reusable plastic container is not the enemy.  They are not filling our landfill on a daily basis, and for many, they are the affordable way to start being zero waste – they key is reuse, reuse and reuse. I have tons of Tupperware and reusable plastic, and i currently plan to use those until i I would naturally get rid of them. Now, despite what the instructions say, I personally wouldn’t go heating up food in them, but they are certainly a better option than single use plastic wrap, and single use foil which goes straight for the land fill every single time we use it.

#funfact In most recycling centres, the aluminium foil has to be large enough to roll into a substantial ball in order to be recycled, that bit of foil you put over your leftover BBQ meat is going straight for the landfill pile.

If you are looking to switch out your plastic Tupperware, here are some great tips that have helped me.

  1. Donate the useable Tupperware to someone who needs it – don’t forget that zero waste or low impact living is a great goal, but some people simply do not have the financial or emotional capacity to take this journey. If you can help someone out with something you don’t want anymore, then why not.
  2. Glass and Stainless steel are your friends – I found these awesome stainless steel lunch tiffins at the local op shop and i found some glass storage containers on facebook marketplace.
  3. Second hand shopping is your friend. It is more affordable, better for the environment and generally better quality for the price you pay.
  4. Get glass storage for free – i am collecting all of the jars that i get from pasta sauce, pickled onions and jams, and using those for more long term storage such as freezing. This has been great for cut veggies in lunches, smoothies for my partner, leftovers at a restaurant and all around food storage in my kitchen for when i go to the bulk store.
  5. KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid – a lot of zero waste looks glamorous, but you don’t need every single jar in your cabinet to be matching. Use what you have or get in purchases you cannot avoid and reuse things till they are at the end of their life.

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