I’ve lost my enthusiasm for things

I’m not sure when it happened, but its true – at some point, I lost my enthusiasm for things.

I no longer get excited by a catalogue, an online shopping email or the idea of buying something new.

My immediate reaction when something breaks is not to replace it, but to try to live without it.

I no longer care about sales, specials or 2 for one deals, unless I was already going to make a purchase.

I no longer care about having what everyone else has, or what anyone else has, unless I can help them get something that they need.

I do care about people, and connections, and the environment. And those things are the core of everything I do.

I was told it wouldn’t happen, that we would always have consumeristic impulses that we would have to fight.

But we don’t. We were not born this way, we learned to be this way, and we can unlearn it.

Keep fighting, you will get there.

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