Unique things I do to save the planet (and money)…#1

I have come to learn that I do a lot of things that are considered crazy unique, in order to reduce my impact on the environment. But having been a part of the eco-friendly community for a while, I know many of us do things that our friends and family see as …unconventional.

But, I truly believe that the more we talk about these unusual things we do, the more they will become more normal – so I am going to put myself out there. This year, my goal is to post #100 things that I do to save the planet that go beyond the popular environmental hacks, and I would love for you to join me. Please in the comments below, add all of the unconventional things that you to for the environment – lets show our creativity to the mystified world.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

I reuse my tea leaves.

Photo by koko rahmadie on Pexels.com

I always opt for tea leaves over tea bags, because I do not want the waste of the tea bags (did you know most tea bags have plastic fibers in them – delicious right!)

But I take this one step further by reusing my tea leaves for several cups of tea.

I do this in one of two ways – either by making a large pot of tea with the leaves in it if i am drinking multiple cups around the same time, or simply by putting the tea leave in the fridge between cups and using them throughout the day.

While there are no rules for unconventional habits, I find that the following guide lines ensure I don’t drink a bad cup of tea.

  • The tea leaves should be used only across one day – they tend to go a little stale on the second day
  • Don’t leave your tea leaves out by the kettle – if they dry out, then you wont be able to extract as much flavor for sequential cups
  • While I now drink my tea black, if you drink tea with milk or sugar, then you should remove your tea leaves before you add those things
  • Having someone else make that cup of tea for you while you sit on the couch will always make it taste better
  • When you finish with your tea leaves, you should obviously put them in the compost

But how does this save the planet? Well, if I am drinking 2-3 cups of tea a day, that would be a lot of resources that would go into those tea leaves for me to only use them once. So, I am effectively reducing my tea emissions by two thirds.

Could I simply drink less tea? Well, I guess so, but, I guess I just really love tea.

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