What I am still using up (3rd year update)

Three years ago, a couple of months into my journey, I released a post noting all of the things in my home that I wanted to use up. These were items such as bathroom products, stationary and kitchen items that my previous hoarder self had accumulated way too many of.

Note: These were items that could not easily be donated as they were opened or partly used. All unopened items that I didn’t believe I could use were donated, or given to family and friends.

If you want to check out the items that I needed to use up during my original “Use it Up” Challenge, you can take a look at that here.

Photo by Castorly Stock on Pexels.com

Bathroom products

Last year, I revealed that many of the bathroom products had been used up, except for the dental floss. Well, after a full year of Invisalign braces and having to floss several times a day, I have now finished up all of my older dental floss, and have purchased some compostable Eco-floss.


Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

If you can believe it, three years in I am still trying to use up at least 15 more pens, and at least 5 more notebooks that are partly used. It is a frustratingly long process, as I would love to switch to more Eco-Friendly options, but for now,, I can feel positive about the fact that I am not wasting resources, I am saving money, and that I always have a pen or a notebook still on hand.

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

One thing that I am quite proud of is that I have not accumulated any new pens during this past year, and the only notebooks I am set to get given to me are half filled notebooks that my mother found from when I was in school. And, when I do finish up these notebooks, I am very excited to purchase a Rocketbook, a reusable notebook that will no doubt last for many years.

Photo by Dimitry Anikin on Pexels.com

Are you still using up items from the beginning of your low waste journey? I would love to hear in the comments below the items that you are still powering through. Or, are you new to your journey? I would love to hear the items that you will be using up, or what you know you wont need to buy for a while.

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