Saying “No” Is the first step.

Starting out a journey as exciting and challenging as reducing your impact is as easy as saying no. You can start right now. It won’t cost you any extra time, money, or even any effort.

Whether it’s to a flyer you don’t need, a straw, or the extra 100 napkins they offer you at the takeaway counter – if you don’t need it, or you don’t want it – say NO (No thank you, of course!)

I once spoke to a bartender who told me that their club went through 30, 000 straws in a weekend. Yes, thirty THOUSAND, in 48 hours????? Apparently, they go into the drink, it gets stirred around, and then it goes in the bin, they aren’t even being used to drink!

If everyone who didn’t want or need one had said no to a straw, imagine how many straws would have been saved from landfill! And the same concept applies for free merch, free samples and even business cards – just take a quick picture with your phone! 

Tell us in the comments below the very first thing you say no to! Feel empowered to choose which things come into your life today!


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