New Year, New Decluttering Challenge

Often, January comes with a bright burst of enthusiasm for setting goals, and tackling the areas of our lives that we want to improve. But for many of us, our efforts are often set up to fail due to the overwhelming nature of the tasks, on top of all of the other things we want or need to get done.

This year, I am kicking up my decluttering to the next level, and really finding ways to simplify my home, that cuts down on the amount of cleaning and tidying that I have to do on a daily an weekly basis. Previously, I have spent a lot of time getting rid of entertainment, linen and miscellaneous items from my home, but with most of that now out of the way, it is time for a deeper look at what I actually need, and what provides me value in my life.

I am going to start by using the gifts I receive for Christmas as a jump start to this new goal, by modifying the 1-in-1-out rule. Put simply, I am going to use each item I receive to trigger decluttering in the relevant area of my life. For example, I know that i am going to receive a new dinner set this Christmas. I am using this opportunity to declutter any chipped, mismatched, or simply not functional bowls that I no longer want. We also know that we will be recieving some new linen, so I have already taken the opportunity to declutter my linen closet and got rid of 2 large bags of linen, for bed sizes we no longer own.

Going forward in the new year, I am going to take this idea forward, and anything that comes into my home is a new challenge to declutter an area of my life. It sounds like a lot, but I find it highly effective not only in getting rid of things from my home, but also to deter myself from bringing in things that I don’t actually want or need.

Are you changing your habits in the new year? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below.

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