How to cook rice better! (And save on cupboard space)

Growing up, I have to admit, we did not eat a lot of rice. And in our household, the way we cooked rice was to boil it like pasta. We would boil it in an overwhelming amount of water and taste it until it tasted cooked. We would them proceed to drain it, creating a lot of mess, into a colander in the sink, rinse it, and proceed to eat it.

I have since learned that this is probably the least efficient, and least tasty way to cook rice, and since then, I have used a rice cooker (following the instructions) and made much more flavourful (and less messy) rice.

The rice cooker has been amazing, and I have really enjoyed using it. But recently, our rice cooker has been on the fritz, and is definitely on its way to ending its life. As always, when i am looking to make a new purchase, I ask myself some questions about the purchase that got me thinking.

Do I need this?
Do I already own something that could do this job?

These questions made me think about the rice I ate growing up, and it got me wondering if there is a way to make rice the way a rice cooker does, but in a pot that I already own. After a quick google, I realised that I had been making a big deal about cooking rice, and it was actually simpler than I thought.

And so, for the last few weeks, I have been cooking rice on the stove, hassle free and just as effectively as a rice cooker, and when my rice cooker doesn’t work anymore, I no longer need to replace it.

Rice Recipe (If you can call it that?!)

1 part rice/2 parts water (If you use one cup of rice, you will need two cups of water, etc.

1. Put water in a pot and heat on high on the stove.
2. Once boiling, turn down to a low heat and add the rice
3. Stir once, then immediately cover with the lid and set a timer for 15 minutes (add an extra minute for each cup of rice
4. Remove from heat once time is up and let sit with lid on for 1 minute
5. Remove lid and fluff rice with a fork.
6. Enjoy

I want to add that I am not a rice cooking expert, and this might not be a traditional way to cook rice. I am simply trying to reduce the amount of appliances I need in my kitchen, and not having a rice cooker saves quite a bit of cupboard space!

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