Seasons of life – Time to Digitize

Letting go of some sentimental items can be difficult. In the last few days I have been going through old birthday, Christmas and other event cards that I have recieved from family and friends over the past year.

While I know holding on to these cards is useless to me, as there is a good chance I will not look at them again for the next decade or so, it has been difficult to part with some of the messages of love or well wishes that have been given to us.

So I have gone with a compromise that will ensure that I do not lose those messages, but I also don’t have to store these items in my home. I am scanning the front and inside of these cards into my computer, comiling them into one image, and saving them in my photo library.

This option not only gives the above benefits, it might even ensure that i get value out of these messages more often than I would have otherwise. Centralizing my photos and memories into a database gives me the option to find them easily, and the option to add them to a digital photo frame quickly and easily.

Do you have a lot of family memories that are lying around in albums? I know our family does, and when we are all sitting around and want to find that photo of uncle Joe when he fell into the pool that one Christmas, we never even look for it, because we would have to search through dozens of albums just to find it.

This also gives me peace of mind knowing that if there was some kind of disaster in our home, these memories wouldn’t be lost forever. For storage, our plan is to have the bulk of images stored on multiple hard drives (solid state drives) in each of our extended families homes, and the really special ones in cloud storage that we pay for. Just be careful over ownership when signing up to a cloud storage system.

Having these items digitized and sorted means we are much more likely to enjoy them, much more often. Why not give it a go and get your family albums, cards and memories into the digital age?

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