Say no to subscription boxes!

Subscription boxes seem to be more and more common every day, and it seems that their popularity during the last few months due to covid. While receiving some new makeup or some novelty confectionary in the mail might be nice, especially while many of us are still stuck in lockdown, there are so many reasons to avoid them. Here are 4 reasons I never subscribe.

  1. The long term cost
    While the cost for the original box might be a bargain, the long term cost ads up to more than you think. Even if the price stays the same after the initial trial period, how long will you continue to pay for it once it is no longer providing you value? These companies often bank on making hundreds of dollars from people who simply forget to cancel.
  2. The actual value
    If you receive a subscription box, how many of the items are items that you would actually purchase on your own? Or how many of them are surprises that you would actually purchase in the future? For most people, I would guess that it isn’t enough of the box to make it money well spent.
  3. The clutter
    What do you do with all of the items that you receive each month. Personally, I think that is a lot of extra inventory to manage. I don’t want to sort through it, I don’t want to store it, I don’t want to have to pass it on or get rid of it.
  4. The waste
    The amount of packaging that comes into your life with these kinds of subscriptions services is pretty hefty, and on top of all of the other reasons above, it just seems like another burden to bare. Disposing of unnecessary packaging is a complicated responsibility, and who has the time for that when they don’t have to?

Overall, these subscription boxes often aren’t worth the money we spend on them, unless we truely will get value from the product. Bottom line, if you are going to subscribe make sure you ensure that you are getting value every single month, and the minute its not working out – cancel it!

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