Sentimental Items- A mental shift

We all have sentimental items. Whether they remind you of a person you have lost, a place you went or a time in your life you always want to remember, everyone has those special items that give them emotional value.

When I was growing up, sentimental items were those special items that we kept in a special trunk at the end of our beds, or in our jewellery box, or in a shoe box that we store at the top of our closet.

And that is the way that I have treated my sentimental items my whole life. I locked them away, protecting them, making sure they didn’t get dirty, or dusty, or broken.

But, minimalism has given me a mental shift, and now I am working towards a new goal with the items that I most cherish. With all of (or most of) the clutter in my home now dispersed of, my home is looking comfortably bare.

But as much as I love the comfortably bare home, (it is easy to clean and always looks tidy), I have now realised that those sentimental items that I cherish should be out, on display or in use, where I can enjoy the memories all of the time, not just when I open a box.

Long term, if they don’t fit in with my home, that might even encourage me to realise that they don’t give me the value that I thought they did, and I will eventually part with them. Either way, they will now serve a purpose in my life, rather than simply taking up space.

How do you deal with your sentimental items. Are they on display or in use, or are they tucked away? I would love to hear about how you deal with them in the comments below.

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