Dvd Decluttering – 5 Questions to ask yourself

I have been in a cleaning and decluttering mood lately. And while many of my DVD’s are long gone, a large amount of them, particularly those I had previously really ‘loved’, still remain. As my partner and I celebrate 5 years living in our own home, I realise that some of my larger DVD series have remained on the shelf since we moved in. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself while decluttering your beloved DVD collection.

Do you love them, or do you love the memory of them?
While I own some DVD sets, such as my Gilmore Girls set, that I often rewatch when I am unwell, tired or just looking for a little comfort, there are others that I don’t, for multiple reasons. However, I was never able to let them go, because of how much I loved watching them the first time.

In order to make a true decision on those I had trouble decluttering, I would commit to watching them. The moment I find myself repeatedly fast forwarding, or not enjoying myself, it is time to thank them for what they were, and pass them on.

Do you want to repeatedly commit the time to watching them?
Time is so precious, and lately I have found myself questioning what I am doing with the hours that I have in a day. Can see yourself repeatedly committing to the amount of hours it would take of your life to actually watch that long DVD series that you own? If you don’t want to commit many of the precious hours that you have in this life, then it’s time to let them go.

Do you own ‘part’ of a series?
I had quite a few partial series, mostly because I had stopped collecting DVD’s, but others because people had purchased them for me. In order to decide whether to keep or part with these collections, I would ask myself whether I would be happy to spend my money on the remaining seasons. If the answer is no, then is there really much point in keeping the rest of them?

Do you simply have too many to watch?
Sometimes, having too much choice simply means you wont make a choice at all. When you look at your DVD shelf, are you overwhelmed by choice? If so, it might be time to pare down some items so that you can make simpler choices when you find yourself looking for something to watch.

What would I do if the world was ending and I suddenly had no source of entertainment?
This is something that is in the back of my mind sometimes when I am decluttering. What if streaming was gone, and I have decluttered all of my DVD’s, most of my books and many of the entertainment sources I used to rely on? But the truth is, we would find entertainment. We would talk to the people around us, we would sing, we would dance, and we would find ways of entertaining ourselves. Just in case there is someone out there like me who thinks of the worst case scenario, just know – we will be perfectly fine without them.

Bonus Note:
When decluttering DVD’s, there are a number of places you can take them. But the best option I have found is donating them to your local library. The case back apps will only get you about about 5-50 cents per season or movie, friends and family often have enough of their own, but the local library will give your DVD’s the best chance of giving others value.

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