I have never spent more than $30 a month on my phone bill – now I spend $10

I have always been very careful to get the best deal possible on my bills, but my phone is the one I was always the most proud of – and now, I have found an even better deal, and I have a renewed sense of focus to tackle all of my bills.

When I was in high school, I had a $30 a month, prepaid phone plan, that allowed me to have $30 worth of phone credit. That deal would charge 25c a text and a per minute rate on calls and I’m not even sure there was any data included. If there was, it was certainly quite expensive on a per mb rate.

What most people don’t realise, that now, 15 years later, that same $30 prepaid phone plan, with the same network, gets you unlimited calls and texts, and a couple of gb of data. In fact, I have recently found a $10 plan with another network that gives me the exact same deal.

Minimalism has really taught me to question what I need, and has actually kept me on the lower coast plans. I had been tempted several times to purchase more data, more benefits or simply a plan that includes a new handset. But simply questioning and monitoring how much data I used, how much I could be dependent on home or office Wifi for some of my needs, and whether a new handset would actually improve my experience in a significant way – this has really helped me understand my needs, and keep my costs down.

An eco-friendly, minimalist life can not only save resources, in my experience it can also save you a lot of money. It is all about having a questioning mindset when it comes to all consumption.

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