So you think I should upgrade my TV?

Or my phone, or my car. Is anyone else feeling this? The constant pull from society, the media, and even the people around us trying to tell us that we need the next big thing, the next upgrade, the new tech – when we are perfectly happy with what we have got.

Lets take our television for example. It is a flat screen, wide screen TV that my childhood self could only dream of, but it is over 12 years old, and I am extremely proud of that. It isn’t a ‘smart tv’, and it doesn’t have a curved screen or connect to the internet. But it plays tv, and connects to a digital set top box, which does have most of those features – and we got the set top box free with our internet subscription.

My phone is another great example. It is now about five years old, and it has all of the features that I need. It has a camera, it makes calls, it has apps, it connects to the internet. But at least once a month, if not more, someone comments on how old it is, and that I should get a new one.

But, when I reflect on the inevitable feeling that I might need something new, I always come back to the same conclusion, I have everything I need with the phone and TV I have, and there is no point in spending hard earned money on something I don’t want or need.

What about you? Do you get pressure from those around you to constantly upgrade? How do you stop yourself from upgrading and wasting resources? And when do you know that it IS time to upgrade?

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