Well this is a puzzling development….

With lockdowns lifting in some areas, and other ares going back into lockdown, I am still finding myself spending most of my time at home and I wanted to share with you three ways that I am passing the time, and actually quite enjoying it.

Yes, thats right, I have gotten really into puzzles, all kinds of old school puzzles. I have tacked 500 pieces, 100 pieces, and 2000 pieces – I’m yet to tackle anything bigger because I need to find a bigger space to do them. I have found doing puzzles a relaxing activity that calms my mind and engages me, often for hours on end.

I have always loved reading, but during this time, I have really kicked it up a gear, often reading 5 or more books a week. I love getting lost in stories, learning about myself and hearing about the achievements of others.

I have also been taking this time to take the advice of my usually busy self. I always say that if I had more time, I’d learn how to…Well, you know how it is. But often, when you have free time, you are so tired from your busy life, that you just want to relax. Well, not that I have the time, and the mental space, I am learning all I can.

What are you doing with the extra time you have? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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