I cancelled my Streaming & Pay TV subscriptions

This time last year, I had almost all of the subscription services that you can buy. I’m not even sure how it happened, but we had accumulated 5 services that we paid between $8 and $30 dollars for each service per month.

This past week, I finally decided it was time to let go of my last paid video services, cancelling my basic Pay TV service, after already cancelling my Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sports Subscription and Spotify Premium. Now, instead of $50+ dollars per month, we spend $0 on subscriptions, and to tell you the truth, I feel free.

Now, as much as I would love to tell you that this means that we are going to get rid of our television all together, I think that might be slightly beyond the realm of possibility, at least for now. But I bet you are wondering now, what are we going to do for video entertainment? Here are the ways we will watch content going forward.

Free-to-air Television (and their on demand counterparts)
It was actually surprising to me when I learned that many of the shows we were watching are actually available on free to air services. In fact, in Australia, there are 35 freeview channels, with more popping up all the time. Furthermore, their streaming services often have a lot of ‘old favorites’ programs that I love rewatching.

Kanopy is a free streaming service that you can log into through most library services. While it doesn’t have everything that your paid services have, they have some really unique documentaries and a wide range of films. This will certainly add to your content options and will support a service that is providing content to those who might be less fortunate.

Not only is there a large amount of fun, informative content uploaded to Youtube every day, you can also learn almost anything you need to through watching Youtube videos. I love the variety of niche content that I can have at my fingertips for FREE.

Yes, I realise that the free version of Spotify means that you have to listen to ads, but I feel like that is a small price to pay in order to save a little money. Plus, bonus tip, if you listen to free Spotify through a computer rather than through a phone or iPad, you actually skip unlimited songs and play albums straight through as if you had the premium version.

Watching Less TV
While this isn’t exactly advice for how to get more content for free, the fact is that there is so much more to life than watching TV. I plan to use my free time to start a new veggie garden (I’ll keep you posted on that) and reading more. I love watching TV, as much, if not more than the next person, and in fact, I felt a little bit scared to get rid of these services, but as I mentioned, I also felt free, like it was a push in the right direction.

How many streaming services or paid entertainment subscriptions do you have? How much money are you spending every month and how much do you use them? I would never suggest that everyone should give up all of these, but I think the key is to question these services often and ensure they are still providing value to your life.

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