90 Second rule – Tidying up.

No, this is not about eating food off the floor. But this is about cleaning up.

Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning I seem to need to do. No matter what I do, it seems endless. Even with a minimalist style home, I always feel like I am cleaning. I thought that once my home was clutter free, it would get easier.

But if I am honest with myself, I very rarely clean up a mess immediately, and then, it inevitably piles up, leaving me feeling more overwhelmed by the mess. But recently, I have heard a few people talk about the 90 second rule.

The rule is simple: if you are walking around your home or your space and you see something that needs doing, and it will take less than 90 seconds, then you do it, immediately.

This is something I have been intentionally trying over the last few days, and so far, it is working quite well, and it seems to be making lighter work of tidying my home. However, I am not sure how successful it is going to be when I am having a bad day, or when I am over tired. Only time will tell if this is effective long term.

What do you do to keep on top of the mess in your home?

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