Australia’s overshoot day is…MARCH??!!

This past week, we commiserated earth overshoot day – the day in which we use up all of the resources that the earth can renew in a year.

Taking a moment to think about that, it really is shocking. We are only 7 months into the year and we have already used too many resources. But then, for those of us in Australia, it gets even worse – our national overshoot day actually occurs in MARCH!!

Breaking that down, according to, if everyone in the world lived like Australians live, we would hit the world overshoot day on March 30 every year, and would make us the 14th country to hit our overshoot day. That is less than a quarter of the way through the year. I don’t know about you, but this is not the legacy I want as a country.

Not all hope is lost, but we certainly need to roll up our sleeves as a country if we are going to make a change. And as a developed nation, we have already used more than our fair share of resources to get to where we are, and we have a responsibility to bring down our resource use to a much lower level, to allow other countries to get ahead.

As individuals, what can we do to bring down our national resource use?

On a personal level, we can be conscious of the choices we make, monitor our purchases and resource use to ensure everything we are using is actually providing value. And for those items and resources that do provide value, we can make sure we use them to their fullest, repair and revive them where possible, and dispose of them in the best way we can.

On a larger scale, we can get involved in our community. We can get involved in local initiatives and programs that are supporting change, and we can be bold and brave and start new initiates that can make change.

And we can vote, both politically and with our dollar. We can write to politicians and companies and ask them to change the parts of their policies, process or packaging we don’t like. We can ask questions, and make informed decisions, and we can hold our representatives accountable for their choices.

We can be better, and I would love to see a day where we don’t have an overshoot day at all. Lets band together, and use our collective voice, I would love to hear in the comments what initiatives and programs you support and are involved in. I’d also love to know what companies you are writing to, and what you want them to change.

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