We made it through our PANTRY CHALLENGE!!

4 Weeks.

We have not been grocery shopping in 4 weeks.

Usually, we go grocery shopping once a fortnight, without much exception. However, as we got close to our last grocery shopping day, I realised that we still had enough food to last at least a few more days. I thought a week tops – so I decided to make it a challenge. I wanted to see how long we could go without grocery shopping. I wasn’t sure we would make it the whole fortnight, but I was willing to see just how far I could take it.

I spoke with my partner, who expressed that he was concerned about things like having enough milk and flour, so we made a small compromise – we would allow $25 for miscellaneous items, a fraction of our usual $200 a fortnight food budget. Other than that amount, we would not shop, and we would not eat out (at other peoples homes) any more than what we had already planned (we had organised to have dinner with my mother one night).

And we made it!! Tomorrow is our next scheduled grocery shopping day and we have not starved. In fact, while we had to have a few creative ‘meals’ these last few days, overall, it has really not been too difficult, which really just shows how much food we have when we think our cupboards are empty. We ate tasty, healthy meals for the whole four weeks, and we even discovered a new breakfast love – hummus on toast.

In fact, looking at our cupboard, if it wasn’t for a sheer lack of fruit and vegetables, we would probably be able to keep going for another week or two. But since I’m not sure I could live happily for a week on simply rice and beans alone for 3 meals a day, I think we will do a shop.

I would love to encourage you to also do a pantry challenge, and try to use up all of those foods that would normally either go to waste, or sit in the back of your pantry, forgotten. Who knows, you might even save a little money too!

Or, if you are a pantry challenge pro, then let me know in the comments, whats the most creative meal you have made during a challenge?

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