When there is nothing else you can do, Just Reduce

As the virus continues to spread around the world, and the country I live in is headed into the second wave, things are getting a little crazy again. I am sure for some of you, things haven’t calmed down from the first wave yet, and I hope you are staying safe and you and your family are doing okay.

The reality is, this is the most difficult time to be Zero Waste, or even low waste. Many bulk shops are not taking our jars, and buying in large quantities is not always an option. Sometimes you simply have to take what you can get, and thats just the reality of this time.

But there is one thing that we can do during this crisis, and thats reduce. Reduce the things that we need, in order to reduce the resources we use.

Lets take food out of this for a second. I am not for one second suggesting that anyone reduces the food, or the types of food that they want to purchase, it is not healthy or realistic at this time.

But what we can reduce is our consumption. Our online shopping for non-essentials, our amount of water we use in the shower or to wash the dishes, the amount of paper we waste by deciding to write on the other side of the page.

It is about making a conscious effort with all of our actions to use less, to waste less, to think before we use something. For me, due to the stress, I realised that I had begun taking really long showers of ten minutes or more. Now, I am conscious of this and am making an effort to cut this down.

Right now, its the little things that are going to add up.

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