5 Eco-Friendly Swaps you are probably already doing

In times such as these, it is important to celebrate the little things. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget that I have already changed so many things in my life to reduce my impact. It is only when I am in other people’s homes, or at a public event, that I recognize these things. But the way to stay motivated is to remember where you came from, so let’s celebrate those things we already got rid of.

Paper towel – If you are anything like me, this was one of the first things to go – or maybe you never used them at all. Whether it’s in the kitchen at home or out and about, there is always a reusable alternative. In fact, the reusable alternative is often nicer to use, softer on the skin, or more effective. If you ditched paper towels, give yourself a pat on the back, and if not, no worries, why not give it a go?

Reusable bags – And I mean re-using them. I mean remembering to bring them to the shops, using them, over and over, and over. I was terrible at this when I first began my journey, and sadly actually felt good when I purchased brand new tote bags every time I forgot my bags at the grocery store. But now, I say no to new totes, I remember my bags, and if I don’t, well, it looks like I’m carrying my groceries without one.

A water bottle – When was the last time you used a single-use water bottle? Truly, think about it, how long? For me, I can’t remember the last time that I purchased one, received a free one, or used one for one reason or another – it would definitely be years, at least. Considering how much I used them before, this is so different for me, but the reality is, carrying my reusable water bottle is simply my new normal.

Paper and notebooks – I am still using paper in my home, but the way I use it now is different. I use the whole of my notebooks, I write on the back of scrap paper and all paper is recycled. There isn’t a bit that goes to waste – ever! Again, this was a massive change for me, I used to love a brand new notebook or some brand new stationery, now, it simply doesn’t cross my mind.

Convenience foods – This one has been the biggest change in mentality. I would simply look for food when I was hungry before, but now, I always have something prepared so that I never have to get food in single-use packaging. The amount of packaging I have saved is astronomical and the food I choose is inevitably healthier, but the funny thing is, it was never something I intentionally changed, its simply a byproduct of a mindset shift.

These are some small wins, but I am celebrating them because the amount of waste that has been stopped with these small changes is BIG! What are your small wins that are having a big impact? I would love to hear about them in the comments! Lets celebrate together!

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