Guys – The Library is back open

Look, during quarantine, life hasn’t been so bad for us – I live in a country with a very small amount of cases, and while we have had to stay home, and have sometimes felt board, I know in my heart that things could be a lot worse.

That being said, I am now getting excited with every single freedom that is brought back. Don’t get me wrong, I am still pretty afraid to leave the house and go to a crowded place, but I am so happy that the library is back open. As you can see, I have gone a little crazy, but I have picked up six new books to read, and I will probably pick up a few more in a week or two.

The library being open means that I can learn. Ok, I guess I could always learn, but having new books, well, it just makes me feel fresh. And excited – did I mention excited?

If you are in a place that hasn’t begun to open up, what are you most excited to see open up again? And if you are in a place that is opening-up, what was the first place you visited?

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