The universe can provide (If you take time and do the work)

I’m not sure if I believe in the universe, or a god, or a higher power. I might, but my thoughts change every day on it. However, if I did believe in the universe, the last few weeks have certainly proven it to me.

The first thing that happened was we ran out of cous cous. Within an hour, some free cous cous popped up on a website we use called Olio, which is all about trying to stop food waste. I thought it was a fun coincidence, and not only did we stop the cous cous, and a few other items from going to waste, we also didn’t have to buy them – win, win.

Then, as I have mentioned in a few posts, we have been looking for a new  (new to us) fry pan for the last few months. The one we have isn’t great, and has been on its last legs. The problem is, it is really hard to find a good, second hand pan that is not non stick and is good for your health. We had been grocery shopping one particular morning, and we noticed that the store had pans on sale. Not second hand, but otherwise, it matched all of our criteria.

We decided to leave the store, and do a little more research, just to make sure that all of the ethics lined up with our values – where it was made, what it was made of, etc. We moved on to the place where we purchase our fruit and veg, and as we arrived there, someone had – i kid you not – put a perfectly sized cast iron pan online for free. While it wasn’t the same pan that we had seen in the store, it fit our criteria just as well – and it was second hand – and it was free.

I seriously coun’t believe our luck. We hadn’t been able to find one for months, and now it was raining fry pans. I guess it just really reinstilled the idea that if you need something, sometimes, the unierse will provide. While I am not expecting things to work like this every time, and I realise I will still have to do grocery shopping every fortnight – it really reminds me to be patient where I can with purchases that I don’t need immeadiately, because the perfect option is out there if I wait long enough.

What has the ‘universe’ provided for you? I would love to hear about your second hand gems in the comments below.

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