3 “Eco Friendly” Things I suck at

Since being in lockdown, I have had quite a bit of time to spend on social media looking at what my fellow Zero Wasters are doing with their time. That’s when I discovered that there are a lot of stereotypical Zero Waste things that I am the worst at. Here are 3 Zero Waste things I wish I was better at.

  1. House PlantsI have tried, I really have, but whenever I get a house plant, I kill it. It either dies from lack of watering, or too much watering, or not enough sun, or too much sun, or something else. I have tried all different types of plants, and every single time, something happens. I think, for now, I will leave the plants outside in the yard, and stick to saving the planet in other ways.
  2. Public TransportThis one gets me sad every time that I think about it, but unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do about it right now. I do not live in a city with great public transport, and unfortunately, I don’t live close to anything. One day, I hope to be able to commute without having a car, but for now, I just have to try to carpool when I can and walk wherever possible.
  3. DIY and repairs
    Whether it is repairing some clothing, or doing some DIY around the house, I always seem to mess it up. I really wish I was handy with these things, but instead, I have learned to rely on family and friends for clothing repairs, and repair cafes and professionals to fix my appliances and do odd jobs around the home.

These are three things that I suck at when it comes to Zero Waste. Are there areas you struggle in when it comes to your low impact journey? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

One thought on “3 “Eco Friendly” Things I suck at

  1. Here in Toronto there has been talk to expand the cycle lanes through the city as this is a great way to commute in pleasant weather while distancing. The cyclists have been fighting for this to happen and now is the perfect time to support it even more. 🙂 Only problem is, Toronto has 6 months of winter weather…but at least, for now, being able to get around with the bike is a bit easier than it was before.

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