3 Things Minimalism has taught me about growing up

As we are all spending more time at home, I have been spending more time reflecting on the things I own and what brings value to my life. In particular, I have been reading and viewing books and DVD’s that I already own, some of which I have owned since I was a kid. I feel like this process of content decluttering has taught me a lot about growing up. Here are five things I have learned.

  1. As you grow, you won’t always like the same things – and that is okay.

    As I read through the collection of books that I loved when I was about 15, it really has been a mixed bag. Some I still love and have stood the test of time, and others I question why I ever liked them at all. Did I waste my time purchasing these items, or liking them so much? No. At that age, I truly did love them, and they gave me what I wanted or needed at the time.

  2. Sometimes, you should just hold on to the memory.

    I realized, while I hadn’t wasted my time purchasing and loving the items when they had provided me value, I still had wasted time, space, and resources, holding on to them when they no longer could provide me with value. Sometimes, holding on to the feeling that the item gave me is enough, I don’t need to hold on to the item.

  3. Be careful about holding on to things for others.I will admit, there are a few items I am holding on to in the hopes that my children will one day want them. But I do so with extreme caution. As I got older, I realized that some things my family gave me, I continue to treasure, but other things, I really didn’t want. I don’t want to put pressure on anyone to treasure my old items. If my children decide that they don’t want the books I cherished or the movies I loved, that is completely okay with me, and I will pass them on to someone who will get value from them.

When I was younger, I really had trouble letting things go. I felt like if I let things go, particularly things that I had previously loved, it would be like admitting that I shouldn’t have liked them in the first place. But my perception has definitely changed, and my home is less cluttered for it.

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