5 Things I won’t be buying during the lockdown

Just like most of the world, I am very scared about the situation that is going on throughout the entire world, but unlike the old me, I am reacting very differently to the challenge. The old me would be doing exactly what most of the world is doing – panic buying- but now, I have the knowledge that I can live with much, much less. Here are five things I won’t be buying during this crisis.

  1. Any new technology- I am spending enough time on my devices as it is, there is no way I need to invest in any more devices to take up all of my time. If you read my previous post on Tuesday, you would know I am spending a lot of my time reading, but there are so many things to do aside from being glued to our technology. I have been spending time with my fiancee, playing board games and giving the house a much-needed spring clean – even if it is Autumn.
  2. Any new office supplies – now I am certainly not judging anyone who goes out and buys a new office desk or chair- many of us might be sitting in our makeshift home offices for a fair few months, but I am talking about stationary. I promise you, most of us have enough pens, paper, and other miscellaneous stationery to last us through this crisis, and buying more will only mean it will sit in your home for years to come.
  3. Any new cooking supplies – I have to admit, this one did tempt me a little bit, but the truth is, I cooked most of my meals at home before this crisis, and I never needed anything new, so why, suddenly would I need more cooking supplies now? Sure, in the last couple of weeks, a wooden spoon or two have called it quits on me, but I have other utensils that will do just fine for a long while.
  4. Fast food – Sometimes, it is tempting to go with the easy option, but for me, I figure that if I don’t cook all of my meals when I have the extra time, then what does that mean I might do when I don’t have the extra time? Now, this is a tough one, because I am all for supporting small, local businesses, but maybe just monitor how much you are ordering, compared to your regular routine.
  5. Home decor, or other random items – This is not the time for online shopping, simply for the sake of shopping. If you need something, then buy it, but if you don’t, maybe just hold off. Not only will you save money, but you will probably realize you didn’t really want the item anyway, you were just bored.


These are five things I won’t be buying during this pandemic, I would love to hear anything you have talked yourself out of buying, or anything you won’t be buying while we are all confined to our homes. Let’s stick together and share our ideas, and we will all get through this!


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