Reading Challenge Time!

I recently found out, in light of the coronavirus, our local libraries are closing until further notice. At first, I was devastated – don’t get me wrong, I understand it – but the library is a resource I use on a weekly basis and without it, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get any reading done.

Sure, I guess I could buy books, but I have talked about why I don’t want to do that in this previous blog. 

But then, I had a decluttering brain wave – this gives me a great opportunity to read the books I already own and see which ones I still enjoy reading. After looking around my home, I would say there are about 50-100 books still around the place, and at first glance, they are all books that I love. But on deeper thought, I have not read some of these books in years, and who knows if these books will still resonate with me.

Well, I guess it is time to find out. I am going to read every single book in this house (well, at least all of the books that are mine, and not my partners) and I am going to evaluate how much I enjoy them, and how much value they bring to my life, to determine whether I should keep them, or whether I should release them back into the world, for others to read.

I am now really excited about this challenge and excited about the prospect of revisiting the stories and the lessons I have read in the past, but it has also given me something to take my mind off all of the time I am spending at home and everything that is going on in the world.





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