4 Gifts that I love giving and receiving

If you have been reading this blog for a little while, you know that I have really struggled with gifts, both giving and receiving. I thought that telling people that I didn’t want or need anything was the best way to maintain my zero waste and minimalist lifestyle. And even though I would still be happy to receive nothing, I know that we live in a culture where this is a struggle for people to accept. So here are 5 gift ideas that I always ask my friends and family for if they want to buy me a gift.

Soap – this is often something that comes package free, or in recyclable cardboard packaging, without the burden of having to specify that it needs to be Zero Waste. It is a safe gift, that has actually saved me money over the past few years, as its something that I would otherwise be purchasing.

Dinner vouchers – While this isn’t something I have asked for, this is something that I have really enjoyed receiving from my friends and family. This allows me to try new restaurants that my friends and family love. While I don’t love dining out a lot, I really enjoy the occasional dinner out, but I sometimes need a little convincing to spend the money. When we have a voucher, I obviously need a little less convincing.

Courses and classes – If any of my friends and family read my last blog, I would love a voucher for any of the classes that I am looking to take in 2020. But on a serious note, I love receiving vouchers for courses or activities for my birthday or Christmas, as it gives me something to spend my time doing.

Homemade consumables – My partner and I love giving homemade treats as a gift. Last Christmas we gave a bunch of different baked treats to all of our friends and family – and they were a big hit. You can find out more about those here. 

Do you have any Zero Waste gifts that you love to give or receive? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.




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