4 Things we want to learn this year

My partner and I have decided we need to do more activities on the weekend to get out of the house. Some weekends, we are so tired, we spend the whole weekend in and can’t be convinced to leave the house, but we also know sometimes, it’s just as healthy to get out of the house. And for my type of personality, learning something is a great way to motivate me, so here are 5 things we are going to try in 2020.

A first aid course – We are really excited to take a course that will not only help us feel secure in the knowledge that we have something to contribute in a crisis situation, but it feels great to learn a new skill.

A mechanics course – While I am not looking for a career change, learning how to change and check the water, oil and brake fluid in my car will not only save me a lot of money over time, but it will hopefully help me better understand my car and how it works could save many “side of the road” type issues.

A gardening workshop – I have tried many times to start a small garden, and for some reason or another, it has failed. But taking a course will hopefully help me understand the process better, and I will be growing all of my own food before we know it, right?

A sewing class – I took a little bit of sewing in high school, and my grandmother tried to teach me when I was young, but living in a fast-fashion world, I don’t think I really took it seriously. Now that I want to mend things myself or upcycle my items, I think these skills will really come in handy.

Have you considered learning a new skill this year? I would love to hear about it in the comments below. I am always looking for new ways to learn.



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