An opportunity to use what we have

I am sure everyone has seen over the last couple of weeks, that we as a society are going crazy with our ‘stocking up mentality’. Now I am not here to give advice on whether you should or shouldn’t stock up on the essentials or not, that is a completely personal decision that seems to change daily as this virus progresses, but I think that this is a great opportunity to really look at our purchases and evaluate what essentials actually are, and whether they are essentials for you.

Last week, my partner and I had a discussion as to whether we should stock up on food at the supermarket. We were getting worried that the supermarket was going to have a shortage of the things that we need. But then, we talked ourselves back from that. The reality is, most of what we purchase doesn’t come from a supermarket, and the things we do purchase from a supermarket are usually things like condiments, which if need be if they really run out, we could live without them.

And this has really invigorated my need to test out whether things are actually essential and has probably made me purchase even less during this time of mass consumption, not more, and I encourage you to do the same. If you are new to the movement, this is a huge opportunity to test yourself to see if you really need those makeup wipes, or whether you have a face cloth you could use, or whether you need to purchase that single-use package of napkins, or you could use the cloth napkins your grandmother gave you ten years ago that you’ve never used.

Whatever it is that you are purchasing, there is a chance the store might not have them anyway, so lets all test ourselves and see what we can live without. You might surprise yourself. Let me know below what you have figured out you don’t need.




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