Curating a collection – My iPod

Since I have begun my low waste, minimalism journey, I simply haven’t been one for collections, but today, I realized I still had my biggest collection of all, and I needed to decide what to do with it all.

I am a huge music fan, and while streaming is now a part of my daily life, I still have a large collection of music, the bulk of it across 3, 120gb and 80gb iPods. My immediate reaction was to not get rid of any of it. That music is a collection of my life, from when I was in school, all the way up to about a year ago when I stopped using them. But then I had to ask myself, wait, why did I stop using them? If I stopped using them because I honestly saw no value in them, then it was time to send them to tech waste, but if there was another reason, could I bring the value back into my life?

After some thought, and a couple of hours scrolling through the music, I realized that the reason I had stopped listening too it was that I was too overwhelmed with choice. There were way too many songs and albums, by way too many artists, for me to ever be able to decide what I wanted to listen to. In fact, many of the songs on there, I realized that I had never listened too.

That’s when I decided that the way for me to go forward with this in my life was to cut down the music on the iPod to only the songs I had previously listened too, and wanted to listen to again. While it has only been a couple of days, but already the device seems a lot more appealing, and I have actually been using it.

While I wouldn’t purchase this item again if the one I had broke, I feel good about using something that was previously sitting around my home taking up space – and that probably wouldn’t provide a lot of value to anyone else at this point in time. And it solidified for me the idea of decision fatigue, and how too many choices can change the decisions we make.

Do you have an old iPod or music device with way too much on it sitting in a draw in your home? Is it time to get it out again, or pass it on to the recycling facilities? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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