5 Things I’m doing to pull myself out of a rut

Lately, I have been feeling a little deflated, a little bit tired to get many productive things done when I get home from work. But as of writing this, I have the strength and motivation to snap myself out of it. Here are 5 things I am going to try to get myself back on track.

  1. Commit to writing every single day.
    Even if it is one sentence, one word, one idea, I cannot go to bed until I have put pen to paper (or keyboard to screen) for the day. I will be committing to doing something that I love, every single day, which will hopefully make me feel like I am propelling forward.
  2. Limiting my screen time (and audio content)
    My screen time is something I have talked about before, but I have a goal of no more than 10 hours of screen time a week. This includes TV, streaming and video content such as Youtube. But I can honestly say, over the past month, I have been watching a lot more than that and honestly, while I have enjoyed it, and sometimes self-care means breaking the rules, this particular one just perpetuated the idea that I didn’t have the time to get anything done.
  3. Spending time reading
    While this sounds like another form of content, reading is like my meditating. I have never been very good at actual meditation, it’s something I am working on, but in the meantime, there are other healthy things that relax me, and reading is one of them. If you have a self-care hobby that makes you feel as calm as meditating can, that is the best thing for you to do to get yourself back on track.
  4. Playing the Minimalism game in March.
    Yes, this sounds like a crazy thing to leap into when I am feeling off, but sometimes, something crazy to leap into is just what I need. We will see how we go, but just having a goal like this might give me the motivation to get out of this rut. If you are new here and haven’t heard me talk about the minimalism game, then check out this link to The Minimalists website about their fantastic decluttering game.
  5. Connecting with people.
    When I shut down just a little bit, I tend to shut myself away. Dealing with people seems like a much bigger effort when I have trouble dealing with the little things every day. But when I am trying to get back on track, connecting with people, no matter how difficult it feels, is really important for mental health.

What do you do to get yourself out of a rut? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!



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