Things I wish would just stop immediately

There are just some things in the world that make no sense. While they seem to have a justifiable reason for existing, there are other, simpler, more eco-friendly ways to create the same result, and honestly – I just needed to have a rant. So here are 5 things I wish didn’t exist.

  1. Receipts
    I recently watched a video on receipts, and it certainly made me remember just how much I hate them. They are bad for the environment, as they cannot be recycled and they are essentially made of plastic, which means they are resistant to decomposing at the end of their life. Not only that, they are covered in BPA, which studies show causes cancer, so when we touch them, we are literally touching a cancer-causing chemical and letting it absorb into our skin.
  2. Plastic Toy Grocery store incentives
    I understand that grocery stores need promotions in order to bring people in, but honestly, little plastic toys that are worth nothing is not the way to do it, there simply has to be a better way. They are everywhere, and they are useless. Literally, a family I know has a container of them on their counter that they pick up, look at, and put back into the box. And the funny thing is, they can be so coveted that people spend actual money on collecting the super rare ones, even though they are only rare because supermarkets release less of them… on purpose. I just can’t even….
  3. Pasta boxes with plastic windows.
    Do supermarkets think we have been living under a rock for the past 200 years and have no idea what pasta looks like, and, we couldn’t possibly understand the picture of the pasta that is also on the box. This is simply unnecessary packaging and changes a fully recyclable package into something that contains landfill destined material. Why?
  4. Souvenirs
    Specifically, novelty souvenirs that have nothing to do with the culture, tradition or lifestyle of the place that you are visiting. Keychains, magnets and novelty bobbleheads are often, at least for me, a gift I do not want to receive – and if they are purchased for me, there is not really a way to regift, reuse or repurpose that item. If I was planning to bring back something for my friends and family, I would look for higher quality items that people from that place might actually purchase.
  5. Planned Obsolescence
    This has probably been around for much longer than I have been alive, but in the last 5-10 years, the sheer carelessness of companies that are no longer trying to hide or disguise their tactics is mindblowing. We need to stop supporting companies that are doing this, and start supporting those that are actively trying to produce long-lasting products, and working with us to repair them.

These are 5 things that have been on my mind lately that I wish would just stop. Are there any wasteful things that really get you mad? I would love to hear them in the comments below.

Note: I was inspired to do this by Shelbizlee on youtube. While these are things that make me mad, this concept was her idea.



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