You don’t have to finish everything you start

If I had read a title like this a year ago, or even a month ago, I would have thought that the author was crazy and that they just wanted to give up on themselves before they even started. But this is an important lesson that I learned about priorities.

I am a person who makes a lot of lists, commits themselves to a lot of things, but something that I have recently learned is that often the things that I most want to do are the things that fall by the wayside when too many things fall on to my plate.

This month, I needed to get my blogging back on track, but I also wanted to complete another month of the minimalism game, do my annual NaNoWriMo month in November and get all of my Christmas prep done before the 1st of November. This was a lot for anyone to do on top of a full-time job, and more to the point, it is a lot for anyone to do well, all at once.

I started the month on track, my blog was doing well, my novel was on track, my Christmas plans were on track, and my house was getting decluttered. But as the month went on, the newer challenges, such as the NaNoWriMo novel was getting pushed to the front, whereas the things I love most, such as research and work for the blog, fell back a bit.

This blog and eco-friendly research are more important to me than a novel when it comes down to it, but I still had a hard time telling myself that it was okay to let it go. But in the end, if I try to do both, then the one that I care about most suffers, and so while I will tick a box, I won’t really be succeeding, will I? So, I guess the reason I am sharing this, is because while challenging ourselves is important, we really need to make our actions reflect the priorities that we set for ourselves. If we say that we want one thing, because we truly want it, then we should let our time reflect that.




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