Weekly mishap – Zero Waste Lesson

Two weeks ago, I was in the kitchen, just about to make myself some pasta. If you know me, this is almost a daily occurrence. I did what I always do, I put the pasta machine on, and I filled up the kettle to heat the water. Thirty seconds later, the kettle started making sounds I hadn’t heard it make before. I won’t try to describe them, let’s just say they were definitely noises that a kettle shouldn’t make.

Well, it was annoying, but it wasn’t really a kettle that could be repaired, so I immediately began looking online for a new kettle. When I say new I mean new to us, but second hand in nature. I looked at many different ones for a few days, and then I picked out a few that I really liked. But then, we got really busy for a few days and didn’t have time to pick up a kettle.

When we had to use hot water for cooking, we simply boiled it on the stove with the lid on, and it really didn’t take much time at all. In fact, after about a week, we noticed that we really hadn’t missed the kettle much at all. I then realized, that I hadn’t really followed the 5 r’s of Zero Waste when it comes to this, because it really never occurred to me that we could live without a kettle.

So, I talked it over with my fiance, and we decided that we will not replace our kettle, at least not in the near future. When it comes to winter, if we find that we need one, we will reassess, but for now, we really just have no need for one.

I get a certain exhilaration from finding out that there are more things that I can live without because I think it is really freeing to know that you can live with fewer things than you thought. Have you ever experienced the realization that you thought you needed something, but then realized that you could live without it? How did it feel? Or, was there something you thought you could live without, but it turns out you needed it?



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