3 Things I haven’t purchased on my Zero Waste Journey

Yesterday, I was watching a Youtube video of someone grocery shopping. They were a normal, everyday person purchasing normal everyday things – but I couldn’t help that the contents of their shopping basket struck me as a little odd. However, it did inspire me – so here are 3 everyday things that I have not purchased since I have been on this journey,

Dish Cloths or Sponges

Besides the fact that it took me over two years to go through the ones I had already purchased during my pre Zero Waste life, beyond that, I have so many other items that I can use for this purpose. I have so many old clothes that are way too far gone for donating or turning into other items that would be perfect for wiping a bench or giving a good scrub to the shower.

New Tech

Over 2 years into this journey, and my fiance and I are still using the phones, computers, and cameras that we had back in 2016. We have had to replace several screens and repair some of the tech, but overall, it still runs as smoothly as the day we got it. When the items that we have do finally give up and cannot be repaired, we will purchase second-hand tech to replace them – and we will try to recycle what we can from them.

Books or Physical Media

I used to be an avid book buyer, a minimum of one a month, if not more – and I thought that this made me an avid reader. However, since I began this journey, I borrow all of my books from the library, and I now read up to three books a week. If the local library does not have a copy of the book I want to read, I simply ask them to order it. While this might simply sound like a cheap way of getting the books I want, it actually has a 2 fold impact. Not only do I get to read the book, but that same copy of the book is now available to others – some of which may not have access to this book otherwise. This also goes for CD’s and DVD’s, which we also sometimes borrow from the local library.

Are there any items that you have stopped purchasing? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!


One thought on “3 Things I haven’t purchased on my Zero Waste Journey

  1. I stopped buying magazines. I read them at the library. I am also trying to cut out boxed food or processed food. It’s a work in progress.


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