3 Ways to Beat the Heat this summer while being eco-friendly

Sure, when it is 40+ degrees in the middle of summer and you have no other choice, crank that AC like there is no tomorrow – but before you click the on switch to your air-con unit, check out these 3 ways to cool down that are more eco-friendly.

Self Regulate

This one isn’t for those super hot days where you can’t even imagine the weather cooling down again. But I think it is still important to ask yourself whether you are actually that hot. Drink a glass of cold water, dress appropriately, open the windows and turn on the fans. Then, if you are still hot after 30 minutes, move on to some of these other ideas.

Go swimming

If you have some free time, swimming is a great way to beat the heat. Whether its the ocean, a community pool or a local pond or river, all of these options are cheap (or free) and they don’t come with any extra cost to the environment. You might think that the community pool is bad for the environment, and in some ways, you would be correct. The chemicals, the water refills, the cleaning – all bad. But I promise you, they will take the same toll on the environment whether you visit them or not – so you may as well take advantage.

Use public airconditioning

I’m certainly not telling you to head to the shopping center to shop till you drop in the air conditioning – but there are so many places you can visit that will let you take advantage of the free cooling. I like to visit libraries, museums or art galleries to beat the heat, and simply for a fun activity.

Do you have any Zero Waste ways to beat the heat this summer? I would love to hear them in the comments below.

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