3 reasons you should pick up your own takeout

Sometimes when you finish work, you get home late and you haven’t prepared anything for dinner, your immediate thought is to order something in. After all, you are tired, and you simply don’t have the energy to cook. But before you reach for your phone, here are 3 reasons to take a walk and pick up your take away, or, simply dine in at a restaurant.

You save on waste

After all, this blog is about eco-friendly living, so I couldn’t go past this one. When you dine in at a restaurant or pick up your own take away directly from the store, you will save on a lot of single-use items. Typically, eating in means that will use regular silverware and crockery, and as long as you refuse paper napkins and straws, your evening will be single-use free. If you are on the go or feel like eating dinner on the couch in your pj’s, then picking up your takeaway means you can ask for it in your own containers.

You are supporting a local business (and you save money)

While this isn’t always the case, often the places we order food from are local businesses, who are charged large fee’s by delivery companies to be a part of their ordering apps. The ABC recently reported that this charge can be as high as 35% of the order (on top of the delivery fee)*. Some businesses have to increase the price of the food for delivery orders, simply to make enough profit to stay afloat. By ordering directly through the business and picking up your food, you will cut out the middle man and save both you and the business some money.

You get out and about for some exercise

Yes, it is a simple excuse to slow down your life, take time out to go for a walk or dine in at a restaurant and be with your loved ones. We live in such a fast-paced society that sometimes we forget to take a beat, and forcing yourself to never order-in can be a great way to change those habits. Who knows, you might actually enjoy it!



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