3 Things you can change today to help save the planet

Time for a short and snappy message from me today to keep you on track with your sustainability goals. I hear from people a lot that they know about reusables, and they know about rejecting single-use, but beyond that, they don’t know how to reduce their impact on the environment. So here are 3 FREE things that you can do today to be more sustainable.

  1. Use your local library
    Do you really need to buy every single book that you want to read? Or do you really need to purchase that magazine that you want to flip through for five minutes? While there may be some cases where you do want to purchase these items, why not try before you buy? Using your local library is a great way to reduce your impact on the planet. Plus, libraries have so many other resources that you can utilize. For more on the hidden gems, you can find in libraries, click here.
  2. Use public transport
    I know, I have to use a car to commute too. Public transport would simply take me too long, and cost too much when commuting to work. But that doesn’t mean you should rule it out altogether. Look at your options when you are out and about on the weekends where you have a little more time on your hands. If your city is anything like mine, public transport can even be free if you already have tickets to a sporting or city event. Not only can you save money, but you can also save the environment while you are at it.
  3. Clean up around you
    It could be as simple as seeing trash when you head to your car after work, or it could be actively seeking out rubbish when you visit a park or a beach. But taking a small amount of time to look around you and do a bit of a clean up can make you feel good, and can save some garbage from ending up in our waterways. With any luck, you might even live near a place that exchanges a bucket of garbage for a cup of coffee.

I would love to hear any free quick tips you have for reducing your impact on the environment. Don’t forget to subscribe to get notified when new content is posted.

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