Show me your wheelie bin? How to send thousands of bins to landfill.

According to the ABC, Australia will potentially trial a new bin system in Adelaide. They are trialing clear recycling wheelie bins in order to make people think more carefully about their waste habits. They also hope that the new bins will start a conversation about waste in the community. While there are only 20 bins being trialed in the first instance, there is hope to expand this across the community, and I’m guessing potentially the nation.

Now while I think it is beautiful and noble to try and reduce waste and start a waste conversation within the community, I simply don’t believe that this is the best way to go about it. I am looking at the plan, and what I am seeing is a lot of waste happening, in order to potentially create less waste. While 20 bins could be redirected to other areas of the council, but if this goes ahead community-wide, and then nationwide, what are we going to do with all of the old bins? From the research I have done, this hasn’t been thought of.

I attempted to contact Robert Simms, the counselor for Adelaide City Council myself but was unable to get in touch with him or his team to find out their plans for the old bins. I also attempted to contact a representative of Mindarie Regional Council, who trailed a similar scheme in 2018 but was also unable to find any further information on the success or failure of their trial, or what they did with their old bins either.

Personally, I think education and lobbying of the corporate companies producing the products we purchase are much more effective ways to make real waste change across the country. Clear recycling wheelie bins will simply encourage waste shaming, which will not only divide the community, but will encourage people to not put their recycling in the recycling bin, but put it in the waste bin, which will remain as it currently is.


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